There are different drugs and medicines that can be applied to the skin in order to treat vitiligo. Even though they can?t cure vitiligo, they will be able to repigment the skin. Such kinds of medicines are suggested for small areas hands, feet etc. All the topical medicines may not be apt for the face. It is said that topical medicines work well in individuals who have darkly pigmented skin. Topical medicines are applied to the skin. The most commonly used medicine is a potent or super-potent topical corticosteroid. Using this, an individual can regain 45% of their natural colour. For better results, the doctor may use corticosteroid medicine combined with other medicines. People with dark skin will get best results using topical corticosteroid medicine. It is more effectively work on certain areas of the body such as face, hands and feet.
Even though they are advantageous, they have certain drawbacks too. One of the major possible risks is that, longer usage may lead to skin atrophy. Skin atrophy is when the skin becomes paper thin, dry and fragile.